Lecturer Ms Valar organised for her DECE students to take their learning out of the classroom on 4 October 2017. Students had fun exploring science concepts through simple everyday activities with the children from the Centre. We thank Blooming Tots House for the wonderful opportunity given to our aspiring EC educators to put theory into practice!


On 24 August 2017, Michelle Huan and I had the pleasure of attending the Master Class conducted by Beth. The class of slightly more than 30 participants comprised mainly Petrosains facilitators, and selected representatives from MoE, preschool teachers, parents and academics. The session was most engaging and empowering as Beth shared with us her vast experience in STEM, taking pains to ensure that needs of all of us were addressed.

Beth got us thinking about the importance of STEM, reminding us how everyday experiences are great STEM opportunities for young children. Practical ideas were gathered on how parents can be involved in promoting STEM.  Beth also spoke of  her experience at the Boston Children’s Museum. Fantastic resources were shared. Check out : http://resourcesforearlylearning.org/

STEM in early years is something that the children DO. BA EYE students taking the Young Explorers’ course in Jan 2018 can expect a whole lot more of hands-on sessions when you come for your classes!

Having worked primarily with UK resources for the past few years, it is re-assuring to get confirmation that similar ideas on EC STEM are also emphasized in US.

Beth C. Fredericks is currently the Executive Director of Wheelock College in Singapore. She is a noted Boston educator and museum specialist who has worked extensively in early childhood development, museum education, family engagement, social networks, and customer service. Beth is also the key note speaker at the International Pre-School Conference 2017 : It takes a Village organised by MySchool of Life and MyPerintis in collaboration with LittleLives, Petrosains and MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation). The conference is on 26 August.

Our  BA Early Years Education (EYE) students are challenged in their final year to lead a multidisciplinary team through two changes in the early years setting. The BA EYE is a programme that SEGi College Subang Jaya (SCSJ) offers in collaboration with the University of Greenwich.
To understand how “a broader community [can] participate “more knowingly in leadership” (Clark & Murray, 2012, p. 121), SCSJ is honoured to host a talk by Dr Rory McDowall Clark on Monday 29 May 2017 at 3pm. Dr Rory Clark is the external examiner for the BA EYE programme. Dr Clark is also the author of several books on  early childhood, one of which is on early years leadership with she co-authored with J. Murray. 
All Early Years centres that have taken our students for placement or are interested in having our students as your interns should come for the talk.  The talk will help placement mentors to appreciate the collaborative effort involved in  bringing out positive and meaningful changes to the setting. When early years leadership advocate for change, then we are assured of quality practices in our industry.

On 10 March, we had the privilege of having Dr Fredrick A. Boholst join us for our Psychology Talk Series. Dr Boholst shared with us stories of two of his patients, allowing us to have a clearer understanding of this mental illness. He spoke on his use of the narrative approach with his clients. The symptoms of schizophrenia may surface when one is around 18 years of age, but the root cause could be in the early years, as seen in the stories shared.

We thank Dr Boholst for reminding us that psychology is not for the faint hearted as psychology students need to journey with others through their pain, and yet remain detached from it. Thank you for also reminding us on the importance of the early years experiences which can clearly impact upon mental wellbeing in the later years.



Last night I received the sad news of Sara’s sudden passing from one of her course mates, Roxanne, currently working in Singapore. Sara took the Montessori course with us back in 2011. The last time I heard from Sara was back in 2015 when  she sent me her photo  for a photostory we were compiling of our Montessori alumni.

I am always encouraged by the wonderful bonds of friendship that remain strong among our Montessori cohorts. Groups stay updated with news – sometimes sad as in the case of Sara, sometimes joyous as in the case of weddings and births.

Today we remember Sara Woo, a responsible, caring and dedicated student. We remember Sara for the lives that she touched and she joy that she shared.

Our deepest sympathies to Sara’s family.

imd photo story 3 oct


On 28 March 2017, students from SMK SS17 Subang Jaya spent the morning at SEGi College Subang Jaya, exploring various aspects of psychology. The session began with Ms Asnina explaining the diverse career pathway for psychology students.


Ms Asnina and the students from the Psychology Club SCSJ then engaged the students in a range of psychology activities. They took the Riasec Personality test to see where their interests are. They also engaged in cognitive and social psychology experiments. There was also an art therapy session.

2nd year students from our Greenwich University (UoG) BA Early Years education are required to take on a 10 day specialised placement. We are pleased that UoG on-campus student, Mr Christopher Cherry, chose to do his specialised placement here in Malaysia, at Talent Kindergarten, Klang. We thank our industry advisor, Mr EK Cheah, for opening his school to Christopher in March 2017.

Just before he went back to the UK, Christopher visited SEGi College Subang Jaya on 15 March, and shared his experiences with our students. He spoke to the two cohorts of final year students who were having their small group discussions with their lecturers. Our students were keen to know the difference between UK and Malaysian early childhood practices. Christopher was impressed for instance by the orderliness and discipline of the children at Talent Kindergarten.





He also popped into Ms Kavitha’s Year 2 class on the Outdoor Environment and spoke to the students on his Bug Hotel project. He also dropped in on Ms Valar’s Year 1 class on Engaging Play.


There was also an opportunity to speak to our DECE students on his BA EYE experiences. He talked about what it is like to be a male preschool practitioner. He also advised the students to have courage to work with other teachers to implement changes for the betterment of children.


Thank you Christopher for visiting us and inspiring our students with your passion for the early years. We look forward to having more of such student exchanges.